How do I take items out of startup?

This is fairly easy but it also needs to be done with great care.  Doing this improperly can leave you with no wireless card, no antivirus or other useful items.  If you do not know what an item is, your best bet is to leave it alone.
That being said, the first step is to open ‘msconfig’.  If you have run in your start menu, go start, run, then type in msconfig and hit enter.  If you do not have run, hit control-shift-escape to bring up the task manager.  After that has come up, click the ‘Applications’ tab on the very left.  On the bottom of that screen is a button labeled ‘new task’.  Press it, type in msconfg and hit enter.   You do want to run this with administrative privileges.



We want the ‘startup’ tab.

By going down this list and unchecking the items you do not want to start up when your computer starts up, you can eliminate the problematic program or just get rid of junk programs.    When you are done, you get the option to reboot.  I reccomend doing this as the changes do not take effect until you do so.  When you come back up again, you will get a new prompt.  this will ask you if you liked the changes.  If so, hit the checkbox then click ok.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.  We can tell you what an item is, and if it is a good idea to remove it.

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