Is now a good time to buy a new Computer?

Not really.  Recently, there has been flooding in Thailand that has shut down approximately 45% of the world’s hard drive production.  A hard drive is the component of the computer that holds all the data, operating system, and programs on a computer.  Because of this shortage, hard drive prices have in some cases doubled.  This is causing one of two things to happen to new computers.  Either the computer’s price goes up, or the manufacturer puts in cheaper parts to make up for the added cost.  For example, a 500 GB Samsung 2.5″ (Laptop) hard drive cost about $45 in mid November, but now costs around $75.  Some drive costs have risen even more.  Thirty USD may not seem like much, and may not even be reflected in your purchase price, but this does mean that somewhere else in the computer a corner could have been cut to keep the price at a fixed level.  Additionally, Microsoft is to be coming out with it’s next Windows Operating system in mid 2012.

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