Services & Rates


In a nutshell, these are our major areas of service. We can do a lot of things that are not listed here, so if you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us and we will let you know if we can help or assist you in finding a reliable professional (licensed and certified, if needed) who can.

  • Onsite computer repair (spyware & virus removal, malware and root kits; windows troubleshooting, speed and performance problems, hardware and software issues)
  • Remote assistance
  • Networking and installation (wired and wireless; also wiring for new construction)
  • Home theater installation; internet-enabled televisions; game systems
  • Preventive maintenance and desktop support (file management, software upgrades, shortcuts, local area networks, browser add-ons, whatever you need to be able to work and feel in control of your own computer)New and custom systems and upgrades (software installation, custom built computers, hardware upgrades)Data management and recovery (recovering your files from a dead or dying hard drive, backing up and storing your files)
  • Apple and Linux support (yes! We do work on Macs)
  • Smart phone and hand-held support (selection, instruction, applications, syncing)
  • Small business solutions (including server support)
  • Website design and desktop publishing
  • Tutoring, classes and presentations for community events (list of topics available, contact us for more information)


Onsite Repair & Installation

  • $125.00 per hour, one hour minimum. Increments of 0.5 hours are billed at $50.00; more than 30 minutes is billed as a full hour. We do not charge travel fees within a 50 mile radius.

In-shop Repair.

  • $100.00 per hour, one hour minimum. Increments of .5 hours are $45.00; more than 30 minutes is billed as a full hour. In shop estimates are free.

Remote Assistance.

  • $80.00 per hour, 0.5 hours minimum. Increments of 0.5 hours are $40.00; more than 30 minutes is billed as a full hour.


  • $65.00 per hour. Class Instruction. $30.00 per session per person.

Web Design.

  • $90.00 an hour. We also can give you a quote for a single fee for each website to be designed.

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