Why does my computer keep a history of where I look online?

Every browser on your computer keeps at least 2 copies of where you have been online.  The first copy is the one you see through the browser, the history field.  This is kept so that users can go back and see where they have been, or parents can go and see where their children have been online.  This can be cleared, in fact Mozilla Firefox and some other browsers can be set to clear your history every time you close the browser window.  The browser’s history also only shows the history for that browser.

The other place that your browsing history is kept is in your temporary internet files.  Every picture, module, and page loaded is kept as a copy on your computer.  By looking through this copy, one can see where and when someone has been to a site.

Internet Explorer also uses a file called index.dat to keep track of browsing history and it is not cleared when the browser’s history and the temporary internet files are cleared.


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